Tuesday, April 08, 2008

F/i + Greyslay III

Monday, January 30, 2006

Greyslay: I - II - III - IV

Nick and I wrote from 1986-90. In his Lucky Baby Retreat House, he produced technically charged pop music and dozens of other styles during these years. Our collaborations change through the years as his source material differs.
These tapes were all recorded in the "Big Blur" and are wildly complex mixes of Nick's thick assemblages of drum machine, processing, keyboards, guitar and more combined with various other sources.

Greyslay"is the stunning Opus work featuring many Nick sources. My idea in 1988 was to create dense sonic stews of the many collaboration tapes Nick has sent me. This is an exhaustive study of Nick that is much different and much more forceful than any of his other works. It amounts to four thirty minute works along with an attractive art series.

Nick 2 Agog 2 SatSak

Nick 2 Agog 2 SatSak is the second in the Opus series of collaborative tapes from Nick, with Agog [ca], plus a combination of "Satie" by -1348- [dc]and "Sackcloth and Ashes" by Points of Friction [ca]. That's six different tapes layered into each other. An unpredictable and organic melting pot of weirdness.

Nick Loves Septic Synthia + Opus IV

Synthia + Opus is the former tape plus Agog Opus IV.

Nick Loves Septic Synthia

Nick Loves Septic Synthia is a two part dirge with a churning piece of Nick along with a weird noisy tape from Andi X-Port [uk] called Septic Synthia.

Thicknicksick - Drip Drip Drip

Thicknicksick tapes are down and dirty collaborations with our good man Nick of the Lucky Baby Retreat House. Dense disco, outbound beat dirge alongside stories and tales of wonderment. Drip features the Van Der Veen's, Minóy, and Kazuhiro Ohtsuka and Catfish.

Thicknicksick - Lip Strip Trick

Lip has the "Spell of the Yukon" as sincerely narrated by one of my sister's friends during one of her parties. The rest of the tape has challenging collaborations with Agog.

Thicknicksick - Slicktrickflick

Slicktrickflick is the dreary work which mysteriously features "Dignity" and Fish Karma. A weird tape, if there ever was one. I recorded it, and even I don't know what to make of it. "F/i + Greyslay" is just that. The Milwaukee band (some obscure release of theirs, used without permission) matched up with the Greyslay III release which is lots of Nick sounds. These are quirky, murky

Me, I like to do it all

Me, I like to do it all is a hilarious send up of a family joke and has some great vocals, tasty rhythms and other instrumentation. Quite a few pieces featuring, besides Nick, Mkst, Agog, Face in the Crowd and Gory Armadillos. As I say on the tape "I'm the kind of guy who likes to, you know, do it all!" Makes you wonder, eh?

Stipticnick Picks Grandbrother

Also see Stipticnick Picks Grandbrother